Why commission a work of art ?

There are many reasons to commission a work of art:

  • you are looking for a special painting for your art collection
  • you want a statement piece for your living room
  • you want a  memory of a special place or event
  • you want a gift for someone special
  • you want to immortalise a family member or your pet. A painted portrait has greater depth than a digital image, as it appears much more tactile and therefore lifelike
  • or you want a painting made, just for you.

Bespoke commissions are taken for the following:

Landscapes: which can be painted from your favourite holiday photo.

Portraits: individual portraits (painted from a sitting or from a photograph),

Corporate portraits and even Posthumous portraits, painted from your favourite picture of your loved one.

Pet Portraits: a pet should be for life, but sadly, that can’t really be true!

However, if recorded within a truly life-like portrait, they will at least be visible forever!  atmospheric or moody, tranquil or restful, all painted in a wide range of mediums.

Contact Dave today to commission your work of art.

After your initial inquiry, Dave will contact you and discuss your requirements and questions about the art commission and arrange to meet you at your convenience.

If the commission is a family portrait then this first meeting can take place in Dave’s studio or another mutually agreeable location. This session will take about two hours, during which Dave will make a preliminary sketch/colour study from life and take photographic reference to allow Dave to proceed in his studio after the session has finished.

Upon receipt of the deposit, the painting of your commission will commence. Dave will start to create the painting through drawings and colour studies. During this period, Dave will develop details of the composition.

Once the commission is completed, Dave will forward a photo of the painting for the client’s approval or arrange another meeting with the client.

Following final approval, and payment of the balance, arrangements are made for the delivery of the completed commission ready to be displayed for years of pleasurable viewing.

You’ll also get a signed and stamped Certificate of Authenticity, which will describe the painting and the story of its inspiration.

The cost of commissioned works of art are dependant on many variables, these include the size of the picture, the medium in which it is executed, and subject matter.

 (A portrait of the whole family requires more artist time than for an individual.)

Contact Dave for more details