Once you have purchased your artwork,

Dave can offer you a superb framing service…. Don’t be like a lot of people who purchase a beautiful work of art only to buy an inferior mass-produced frame to frame it, with the possibility of causing the deterioration of the artwork over time.  Make sure you have it properly framed using archival materials

Dave believes once framed, your new artwork is a permanent investment in the decor of your home which will outlast many of your other accessories and is more personalised than most of your other furnishings

Hand-cut and Finished Mount(s)

Mount is the term used to describe the window-cut material placed around an artwork.  This plays an important part in protecting the artwork, it serves as a spacer allowing the artwork to expand and contract with changes in humidity.  Only the best conservation quality are used. extra enhancements to the mounts such as wash lines etc. are available, contact Dave for details.


Acid Free/PH Neutral Backing

Some common framing materials used for backing contain acid that will gradually destroy your artwork, these types of materials are not used in framing your artwork, only quality archival materials are used for backing and mounting to help protect your artwork from the damaging effects of acid and time.

High Quality Glazing

There are various types of glazing available, regular clear glass, conservation glass (specially formulated to help filter harmful UV light) and acrylic, this is lighter and safer than glass, ideal for hanging in children’s rooms and items that require posting.

Superb Quality Moulding

Only good quality mouldings are used including a superb range of hand-finished designs

Contact Dave for more details. dave@artdw.co.uk


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