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This comprehensive and structured drawing course is part of a series of courses developed by Dave Woolass who has been teaching art for more than twenty years. A lot of underpinning instruction that Dave includes in his courses is often missed out in other courses of its kind. This underpinning knowledge and instruction can be critical to ones drawing and painting success.

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This DVD set contains 3 DVD modules plus an Image resource DVD

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From the premise that drawing underpins all works of art, this course skilfully teaches the basic drawing skills that should be mastered i.e. Line, Form, Value, Texture, Perspective and Composition.

Even The Old Masters used their expert drawing skills to work out their compositions, so it should come as no surprise that one needs to become proficient at drawing, if one is to master the use of any other medium.

This drawing course is as essential for the novice or intermediate artist as it is for the beginner; although many experienced artists have also benefited from this course as a useful revision exercise.

The course is designed in a sequential style, which is easy to follow, and imparts many tips that will help you to produce well-executed drawings of many popular pieces of subject matter.  There are plenty of narrated video clips, which encourage you to explore the tools, materials, and drawing techniques required to improve you drawing skills.  Each new drawing technique is demonstrated in a video clip and camera close up views allow you to see each demonstration more clearly.

Dave also explains how you can “See like an artist” as he helps you to develop your observational skills and leads you to understand, module by module; Shape, Form, Value Texture and Perspective in a manner that removes what seems, to many budding artists, the mysteries surrounding such drawing elements.

  • Get the correct equipment you need so you don’t waste your money buying unnecessary supplies
  • Train your eye to see as an artist with proven techniques.
  • Understand positive and negative shapes and how to draw an objects shape guidelines.
  • Use proven pencil techniques that will transform your drawings.
  • Learn how to get the scale, proportion, and perspective of your drawings correct.
  • Learn how to get the correct placement on your paper so your drawing doesn’t run off the edge of the paper.
  • Know the techniques to shade your drawings realistically.
  • Know how to practice these skills so they become second nature.
  • Gain the ability to be able to draw buildings, people, landscapes, and objects accurately using your new knowledge on proportion and perspective.
  • See any object and be confident to be able to draw it with some truth

Available in 3 unique interactive modules:

What you will learn in module 1

  • All about the materials required
  • About the graphite pencil and the different grades of graphite
  • The correct ways to hold your pencil
  • What positions are best for drawing
  • How to see and observe as an artist
  • All about your first marks
  • The types of lines you use
  • The four most important principles
  • Getting the right shapes
  • All about proportion
  • An introduction to Negative shapes
  • Important information about Health and SafetyPlus video instruction you can watch over and over

What you will learn in module 2

  • Important information about Lights and Darks
  • All about Shade, Value and Tone
  • About Reflected light
  • About the term ‘Chiaroscuro’ and how it helps to create a feeling of 3D in your drawings
  • How to create the different types of shade
  • Creating and using your own ‘Tone Tool’
  • Different ways of applying graphite
  • Different ways of blending graphite
  • The technique of ‘Lifting Out’
  • Drawing complex forms like Drapery
  • How to set up a ‘Still Life’
  • Discover the shading techniques and tools that produce a smooth form
  • The secret of Light and Dark illusionsPlus more video instruction you can watch over and over

What you will learn in module 3

  • Learn about the two areas of Perspective
  • Understand the appearance of things
  • Learn about the mental image of objects that your brain retains
  • Learn about your Field of Vision
  • Understand the difference between your Line of Sight and Point of Sight
  • Learn about your Eye Level and its relationship to the Horizon
  • Understand about the Picture Plane
  • and the Ground Plane
  • Understand about Vanishing Points
  • About Ellipses and how to draw them accurately
  • Understand Foreshortening
  • Understand One point perspective
  • Understand Two point perspective
  • Understand Multi point perspective
  • A sure way to get the angles right using Dave’s Perspective Tool
  • Create real distance in a picturePlus more video instruction you can watch over and over

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