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This comprehensive and structured course on Perspective is part of a series of courses developed by Dave Woolass who has been teaching art for more than twenty years. A lot of underpinning instruction that Dave includes in his courses is often missed out in other courses of its kind. This underpinning knowledge and instruction can be critical to ones drawing and painting success.


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A knowledge of perspective is necessary to the convincing depiction of any realistic object and space. Perspective is one of the most common difficulties that artists have with drawing and painting.  The course has been designed to give anyone a clear understanding of this challenging subject through the use of highly interactive instructional videos.

Available on one DVD

By following the sequential instruction on this DVD you will learn Perspective the ‘right way’ which has been proven by the success of Dave’s many art students over the years.  Dave is confident it will help you to:

  • portray an illusion of three dimensional space in your work
  • train your eye to see as an artist through proven techniques
  • understand how artists actually see things
  • understand scale, proportion, and perspective of your drawings and paintings
  • understand the correct placement of objects on your paper
  • understand angles and the values they create
  • gain the confidence to draw objects and scenes with some truth
  • be able to draw buildings, people, landscapes, and objects accurately.

What you will learn in this Course:
(12 lessons)

  • Learn about the two types of perspective
  • Understand the appearance of things
  • Learn about the mental image of objects that your brain retains
  • Learn about your Field of Vision
  • Understand the difference between your Line of Sight and Point of Sight
  • Learn about your Eye Level and its relationship to the Horizon
  • Understand about the Picture Plane
  • and the Ground Plane
  • Understand about Vanishing Points
  • About Ellipses and how to draw them accurately
  • Understand Foreshortening
  • Understand One point perspective
  • Understand Two point perspective
  • Understand Multi point perspective
  • Learn how to use Dave’s Perspective ToolPlus more video instruction you can watch over and over


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