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    Dave’s Magic Eraser (pack of 4)

    Completely remove Watercolour and Acrylic paint from areas of your painting including dried on Acrylic.

    When dampened the microscopic fibres lifts even days old paint, without damaging your paper surface. Made from a specialist foam and each foam rectangle can be cut to any size that suits your way of working.

    The special foam is designed to break away with the old …

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    Dave’s Rag (pack of 5)

    Dave’s Rag is an amazing product unlike anything else on the market…

    Excellent for painting textures, Lifting out, Blending , Softening edges, Glazing, Scumbling, Alla prima etc. Excellent with all mediums including Pastels, Oils, Watercolours Acrylics, Graphite etc. Lint free and can be washed.

    Strong, even when wet Can be rinsed and reused!!